Seattle: Golden Gardens

I've been spending more time in Seattle since my dear friend Ignacio moved there, and we went to Golden Gardens Park during one of my visits this summer.

It's beautiful! Definitely a spot I now recommend to friends visiting Seattle on a nice day -- you can see the snowcapped mountains lining the water, even during the warm summer months. I imagined there would be more grass than sand, but it turned out to be a wonderful surprise and a perfect way to enjoy a PNW summer day.

We went to a nearby brewery afterward called Peddler Brewing Company. They're dog friendly, and even had a mini dog park created in their outdoor space the day we went. They have an awesome outdoor area with a bunch of picnic tables, and the neighboring sandwich shop (Mean Sandwich) has a little stand setup in the back so you can directly order from there without having to leave. They make a very intense (and delicious) pastrami sandwich with a fatty slab of pork belly. 

Seattle Golden Gardens PNW Beach
Seattle Golden Gardens PNW Beach
Seattle Golden Gardens PNW Beach
Seattle Golden Gardens PNW Beach